The Instant Pot electric pressure cooker is the #1 selling small appliance on Amazon. It has been a huge hit due to the flavorful dishes you can prepare in it and it’s time saving benefits.

I am available to teach a class at your New Jersey location on how to use this amazing appliance. A typical class will last approximately 2-3 hours. Class participants will get see different electric pressure cookers up close, ask questions, watch recipes being prepared and sample the finished foods.

One class typically includes covering the using an electric pressure cooker, as well as making 2 to 3 recipes depending on your needs.

Popular topics include:
Comfort Side Dishes
Comforting Hearty Soups
Easy Cakes

Or, check out one of the new themed classes!

INSTANT POT ST. PATRICK’S DAY ~ corned beef, St. Patrick’s Day stew, Dublin coddle

INSTANT POT EASTER ~ hard boiled eggs, ham, mashed potatoes

INSTANT POT CINCO DE MAYO ~ taco mac, Spanish rice, arroz con leche rice pudding

INSTANT POT DESSERTS ~ cheesecake, bread pudding, chocolate cake

INSTANT POT SUMMER ~ deviled egg potato salad, pasta salad, corn on the cob

More themed classes on the way!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is one class?

Two hours is the ideal length for a class and making 2 recipes. It is possible to shorten a class to 90 minutes if needed, depending on what type of recipes you want covered. It is also possible to extend a class to 3 hours, giving time to make up to 3 recipes.

Is a kitchen required? What equipment is needed?

I do not need a kitchen, simply a table with access to 2-3 power outlets to plug into. I bring 3-4 units with me, 2-3 for cooking and 1 for looking/touching/questions. I bring everything needed to make the recipe, and other items that can be used with an Instant Pot that people always appreciate learning about.

These classes are only available in New Jersey.

Email me at with any questions or to discuss your needs.